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Christian American School has been of help to my life, and even more with the partial scholarship they provided. Its teachers, classes and programs all helped me to improve my English. My teachers helped me expand my writing abilities and polish my accent. I have been given the opportunity to pursue my passions through my English skills - translating for medical missions and working for North American medical teams, thanks to the support from the English department at CAS. I am very grateful for the CAS family and the opportunities they gave me to excel.

- Stacy Maldonado, 2016 CAS Graduate

Sara Taracena,
CAS Graduate

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I am a fourth generation graduate of Christian American School of Guatemala, and am currently a college student at Florida Institute of Technology pursuing a major in Chemical Engineering. Where I am is because of where I come from: CAS was an open door to my dreams. In addition to giving me the opportunity to grow academically, CAS gave me the opportunity to polish and strengthen my second language. CAS allowed me to grow in an environment of native English-speakers. I thank God for each year I was in school, for each teacher and for the opportunity to obtain a scholarship to finish my education in high school. CAS has given me the most valuable tool: the ability to speak, write, and read English fluently. I strongly believe that the reason where I am today is because of my school. Christian American School believes in and invests in their students not only as students but as people.

- Camila Alvarado, 2016 CAS Graduate

My name is Kathleen Sotomayor. I am a first generation graduate from CAS. I am grateful first for God for His faithfulness, constant provision, and unfailing love; second, for my parents for their support and hard work always; and third, for CAS for the partial scholarship provided to study my last 2 years of high school with an American education system. At CAS, I was able to receive classes with North American professors who helped me to prepare for college-level classes. Currently, I am a rising senior at University of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Arkansas, where I have a full-ride scholarship. I am double majoring in Marketing and Management with a minor in music. Looking back, I see how all the dots in my life connect. Definitely, CAS was key to where I am at now.

- Kathleen Sotomayor, CAS Graduate

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