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Our vision is to provide the best international American Education program with Christian values in ciudad San Cristobal


Our Mission is to educate each student in a multicultural environment with the best teachers, resources, campus, and technology to grow intellectually, physically and spiritually to be successful anywhere in the world


In 2007 the Department authorizing Daily Day Care institutions published: Authorization No. 72-2007, dated August 21, 2007. This authorized the operation of DAILY CHILD DAY CARE “ENGLISH ACADEMY,” located on 8th Avenue 9-41 Finca Santa Barbara, Sector A-10 San Cristobal Zona 8 Mixco, locally known as English Academy. English Academy distinguished itself with the declaration that it hires North American teachers who are specialized in child care. WIthin our community, recognition was given for this ambition, resulting in the acceptance and support of the Board of Education. Our diverse school community urged us to expand the program and thus Christian American School was born. CAS now fulfills this community need for a full English program; taught by American teachers who educate children with the highest standards.

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